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Take advantage of the amazing payout multipliers during a Roulette Eclair game and multiply your bet: x50, x100, x200, x300 or even x500.

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welcome bonus

Up to 200€.
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welcome bonus

Up to 200€
bonus on your first deposit

What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is a fantastic online casino game developed by Evolution Gaming that blends all the elements of classic French Roulette with an exciting twist. As the name suggests, each roulette spin is lightning fast, but players can win multipliers of up to 500 times their initial bet.

The 4 secrets to win

Basic strategy

The basic strategy is to bet on each number. This type of betting is used in the Martingale strategy on European roulette games, which usually involves betting on red or black rather than on each number.


Instead of doubling your bets when you use, you double when you win. So if you bet $5 on the first spin and lose, you bet $5 on the second spin. If you win on the second spin, you bet $10 on the third spin. If you win, you'll bet $20 on the next round, but if you lose, you'll go back down to $5.


Split your chips into one or two lines. Not all casinos allow you to do this, so you need to find one that does. In this case, we recommend Vegas Plus and Unique Casino

Betting with bonuses

Find a list of real money roulette games that have Lightning Roulette in their library and make sure you can get a bonus for playing them Vegas Plus and Unique Casino